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Red Ruby is the humanoid red gem who is the smartest student of Ruby High School. He's one of the seven main characters of Bejeweled Adventures. He's a good friend of Orange Garnet, Yellow Topaz, Green Emerald, Blue Sapphire, Purple Amethyst, and White Diamond.


Before the original game of Bejeweled was released, Red was inside his gemstone like an egg along with his friends who were inside their own gemstones floating in the river of Jewel Kingdom. Princess Sedna (the princess of Jewel Kingdom) sitting down on the grass looking at the river stream peacefully. But one day, Sedna sees the seven egg-like gemstones floating in the water. She stands up from the grass, picked up her basket, and walked to the river. She picked up the egg-like gemstones from the river and put them into her basket, one-by-one. Once she's finished, Sedna bring the egg-like gemstones from her basket to her castle for safekeeping. As she entered her castle, Princess Sedna puts her basket down on the table, grabs one of the books from the bookshelf, sits down on the table, and open the book so she can start researching about the egg-like gemstones. Minutes later during her research, Princess Sedna sees the picture on the book claiming these gemstones are humanoid baby gems inside of them. Sedna didn't know these gemstones are like eggs in the first place. After this, she closes the book and put it back from the bookshelf where she got it from.

The next day, Princess Sedna opens the portal to Jewel City. She picked up the basket with seven gemstones from the table, picked up the basket of food, and entered the portal to Jewel City. As she arrived at the park of Jewel City at night, she takes the gemstones out of her basket and put them behind the bushes one-by-one and put the basket of food alongside of the seven gemstones as well. Once she's done, Sedna heads back to the portal to the Jewel Kingdom and the portal closes. On May 30th, 2000, at 12:00 PM; the gemstones are beginning to hatch themselves. Once these gemstones are finished hatching, the baby gems came out from their gemstones.

At 2:30 PM in the park of Jewel City; Arle Nadja, Schezo Wegey, and Draco Centauros are playing ball together. However, Schezo threw the ball very hard, and Arle didn't the catch the ball causing it to land near the bushes. Arle begins walking towards the ball to pick it up so she can continue playing with her friends. But then, Arle began hearing some strange crying sounds from these bushes. Arle has no choice but to investigate in order to see what is going on. As she opens the bushes, Arle sees the baby gems crying and hatched from their gemstones looking for someone to adopt them. Arle told Draco and Schezo to get the baby gems from the bushes along with the basket of food and bring them to Emerald Inn so they can start babysitting them.

Bejeweled Adventures[]

Puyo Puyo Bejeweled[]


Red has red hair with a double ahoge on his hair. He has red eyes and black eyebrows.

For his casual clothes, he wears a red high school uniform, red gem necklace on his neck, dark red pants, and red running shoes with flaming texture on them.

For his swimwear, he wears red swimming trunks.


The powers for him is themed around blazing fire. In Puyo Puyo Bejeweled and Bejeweled Adventures; his spells are Fireball, Blazing Blast, Magma, and Rain of Ruby Fire.

He has the ability to have butterfly form using the power of his gem necklace. He can also use his gem necklace to grow himself gigantic and shrink back down to his normal size.


Adam Burnside[]



Anthony Hendrickson[]

Arle Nadja[]

Ashley Barlow[]

Ava Eastman[]

Blair Risner[]

Blue Sapphire[]

Red thinks that Blue Sapphire is a cute girl who is having fun with other girls.

Bruce and Karen Duval[]

Charlotte Stamper[]

Cheryl McClendon[]

Crimson and Rose Ruby[]

Crimson and Rose Ruby are his adoptive parents.

Cyrus Mills[]

Darren Forrest[]



Edward Benjamin[]

Edward Murdock[]

Emily Rollins[]

Florence Ridge[]

Franco Garland[]

Fuka Tamaki[]

Graham Burnett[]

Green Emerald[]

Hallie Dreyfus[]

Hank Foster[]

Holly Riddick[]

Hu Tao[]

Inori Misuda[]

James and Violet Altman[]

James Duval[]

James Gentry[]

James Miller[]

Jason and Nadine Whipple[]

Jean Rider[]

Jeff Rutter[]

Jenny Altman[]

John Reddick[]

John Seebury[]

John Silver[]

Kate Gold[]

Ken Jennings[]

Red thinks of Ken Jennings as the greatest of all time on Jeopardy! on Spectrum TV Games and is the consulting producer of the show.


LeVar Burton[]

Red thinks of LeVar Burton as the host of Jeopardy! on Spectrum TV Games succeeding the late Alex Trebek.

Lola Juarez[]

He thinks that Lola Juarez is cute and great team for Grindcore. They also have lunch together at Pearl's Pizza.

Maguro Sasaki[]

Marion Sullivan[]

Morgan Phillips[]

Morris Jenkins[]

Ms. Accord[]

Nancy Guidry[]

Nicholas Wells[]

Olivia Emerson[]

Olivia Warner[]

Orange Garnet[]

Peter Washington[]

Poison Ringo[]

Purple Amethyst[]



Raymond Thorne[]

Reginald Allen[]

Ringo Ando[]


Robin Shelby[]

Ross Robinson[]


Sally Monroe[]



Shelby Miyazaki[]

Red thinks of Shelby Miyazaki as his teacher at Ruby High School and is friendly.

Spencer Nurse[]

Steve and Eva Whipple[]

Tanya Wharton[]

Tiffany Sumpter[]

Tori Nelson[]

Travis Rawlins[]

Trent Thompson[]


Victor Barnes[]

Walter Johnson[]

Walter Maloney[]

Wesley Lawrence[]

White Diamond[]

He believes that White Diamond is very good at playing backgammon when she was a kid.



Red believes that Yanfei is a hard-working girl in the library, but he and Yanfei practice their fire powers together.

Yellow Topaz[]